About Us

The Shih Tzu of Fantasia are pets first and show dogs second and we will never win the title for most champions bred and or finished in a year or in a lifetime. Through limited breeding we have achieved so much in such a short period of time.

  • Breeder - Owner - Handler of the YOUNGEST Philippine Bred Shih Tzu to win an All Breeds BEST IN SHOW. At 9 months of age.
  • BRED 4 Different AMERICAN CHAMPIONS - the ONLY Philippine Shih Tzu breeder able to produce more than 1 American Champion! - BTW we sold the dogs as puppies and owners believed enough in them to finish them, we did not spend for the championships just to say we have bred Am Ch.
  • Bred the FIRST Philippine bred Shih Tzu to earn BOTH American and Canadian Championships.
  • BRED the FIRST  Philippine Bred MALE shih tzu to become an AMERICAN CHAMPION!
  • Breeder of the FIRST and SECOND Philippine Bred Shih Tzu to become Malaysian Champions.
  • Breeder of the FIRST Shih Tzu in Malaysian History to become a MALAYSIAN GRAND CHAMPION.
  • Breeder of the FIRST Philippine Bred Shih Tzu to become an INTERNATIONAL Champion.
  • WE have BRED 2 International Champions.
  •  Breeder / Owner / Handler of the Philippine Bred Shih Tzu with the MOST NUMBER of BEST IN SHOW and IN Show awards in Philippine History. That is bred , owned, handled by the same person.
  • Breeder of the FIRST and ONLY Black and White shih tzu to achieve Grand Champion Status.
  • Breeder of the ONLY  Philippine bred shih tzu to ever win BEST IN SHOW at an FCI show held in the Philppines.
  • Breeder of the FIRST Black and White shih tzu to win BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW at 9 months of age on her first time out, and OVER Specials.
  • Home of the FIRST and ONLY Solid Black Shih Tzu to become a Philippine Champion.
  • Breeder of the ONLY 9 month old Black and White shih tzu to win BOB, BIG, BIS 2 and BIS3, from the classes and OVER Specials, which included a multi BIS winner.
  • Breeder of 2 different BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW winners, both who won FROM the Classes and OVER specials.
  • The only shih tzu breeder in the Philippines to produce TOP WINNING Black and White Shih Tzu.
  • Home of the ONLY American Import, Philippine Champion Black and White Shih Tzu, being used at stud in the Philippines.
  • We bred the FIRST Philippine bred shih tzu to become UKRAINE CHAMPION.
  • We bred to FIRST Philippine born shih tzu to become a PUERTO RICAN CHAMPION!
  • We bred the first Philippine Bred Shih Tzu able to achieve Mexican Champion Status.
  • Breeder of  BEST IN SHOW winning Russian Champion/ Bellorussian Champion, Ukarainian Ch, Russian Junior Champion, Moldovian Champion.

We believe in Quality and not quantity. Our dogs live with us in our home and not in a separate kennel building, the room we call a kennel is basically a room in our house that opens into the garden.

We have moved to the dogs all live in their own 24/7 airconditioned room on the 2nd floor next to my room.

We breed well socialized, top quality Shih Tzu. Our puppies are lovingly raised to guarantee a beautiful appearance, happy outgoing temperaments and soundness. All our dogs are health guaranteed. Even with limited showing and breeding we have placed Shih Tzu in all 3 Major Philippine Islands, The United States , Malaysia, The Dominican Republic, Russia, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain,. Mexico and Indonesia. Since all my shih tzu are PCCI registered, they are accepted for registration by AKC, CKC, UKC, etc. and all FCI and AKU registered Dog Clubs.

Cheryll and her well loved "oldies"





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Cheryll and Adonis
(DIPSI my love)

In The Ring: Cheryll and Rana - Multi BEST IN SHOW , Hall Of Famer, Ph Gr Ch Fantasia's Wild Is My Heart

Cheryll Ann: This is Cheryll Ann Limso
Breeder / Owner / Handler
Founder of Fantasia Shih Tzu

BEST IN SHOW: Another BEST IN SHOW for Multiple BEST IN SHOW , Hall Of Famer , Ph Gr Ch Fantasia's Wild Is My Heart

Waldo: Winning BIS 4 from the classes BIS4 / BISS Ch Fantasia's Wild N Wonderful. BREEDER -OWNER HANDLED to BIS 4 and BISS wins!

Cheryll and BED MATES!

Cheryll Ann  and her niece Chelsea aka Gargoyle - she LOVES shih tzu!

Cheryll And Rana

Cheryll And SEXY BEAR!