FIRST I bought a Grinder from Northern Tools - the grinder used by BARFers. It grinds Chicken BONES and all effortlessly. Even Pork Bones - the white kind or is it cartilage is ground effortlessly. WONDERFUL Product, Must buy!

GRIND everything even the bones - do not just feed raw meat, you must feed the bone too.

When I make Ground food, I make different varieties

1 can be chicken with beef and veggies and liver and gizzard
1 just chicken gizzard and liver
1 can be chicken and tripe and veggies, etc
DIFFERENT FLAVORS coz some dogs don't like beef, some like pork, some will eat only chicken with veggies.

I FREEZE in 1 kilo packs.

To Defrost I put on table top a few hours or I dunk in a pail of water.

If you look at colors of meat it's different, because some have veggies, some have chicken only, some have chicjen and pork, etc,

I also give them goats milk = only 60 per liter here
Yakult and some Yogurt

I do give Goats Milk even on non Barf day. they love GROUND beef with goats milk and Yogurt. YUMMY YUMMY! They like Plain Goats Milk too.


HERE is the food prepared for them to eat, some have yogurt on top, some don't as some dogs don't like yogurt with raw meat.


Once done eating they RUN OUT and take a crap, my dogs are SO SMART! hehehe

DD the dane does not care for ALL raw meat, so we soak his kibble in some water and mix the raw food in, he usually eats it happily. he does like to eat WHOLE CHICKEN backs.
That's his food mix below.

DD looking at my dogs taking a crap, dog garden A MESS, WE JUST  replanted Grass.

I DO NOT feed my dogs BARF exclusively.

I feed raw pieces of chicken wings, back, etc to my dogs as a treat.

BUT 1 day a week is a BARF day, they eat raw food. UPDATE: I no longer have a BARF day 1x a week as some of my dogs will not eat raw food. I just hand out raw food to those who will eat it.

I however GRIND IT Chicken bones and all - so show dogs won't destroy facial hair.

I also give goats milk to my dogs regularly - no it does not cause diarrhea in my experience, they LOVE it!