buyer beware


CAVEAT EMPTOR – Imperial and Princess Type Shih Tzu


YES – buyer beware!


These days many unscrupulous sellers are selling so called Imperial and Princess Type Shih Tzu. They delude the buyer into thinking they are buying something rare and special.


The Shih Tzu standard ONLY recognizes one kind of Shih Tzu and that is the Shih Tzu described in the breed standard.


A Shih Tzu is supposed to be from 9-16 lbs as described in the standard. YES, occasionally ethical breeders get “smaller” ones and “runts” BUT we do not breed for them. We sell these CHEAPLY as PETS – not to be shown or bred from. They are very cute pocket pets.


However some people unethical people thought they could make LOADS of money from these RUNTS by giving them a special name and they thought of the terms Imperial and Princess, and conned the public into paying a PREMIUM price for these dogs that should have been sold quite cheaply as pets.


Have you not noticed that many of these so called Imperials and Princess type Shih Tzu, have severe eye white and many are wall eyed. The reason many of these dogs stay so small is that they have open fontanels, and a blow to the head that will not kill a normal Shih Tzu can kill a  Shih Tzu with an open fontanel.


It drives me crazy that people are now LOOKING for Imperial and Princess type Shih Tzu. THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Please DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY BY PAYING A PREMIUM PRICE FOR A RUNT!


Another thing that drives me up the wall, are ads online that state their dogs have a TRIPLE COAT. The Shih Tzu standard clearly states the Shih Tzu should have a double coat.


PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to read more about these so called Imperial Shih Tzu.

You get what you pay for...

I decided to write this article after someone sent me an SMS, wanting a  puppy but he wanted a CHEAP one, he did not care if it was well cared for, looked like a shih tzu or what, he simply wanted a cheap pet, non neutered / non spayed. Oh yeah ... he also wanted to breed it....

When one wants a new pet, be it a shih tzu or otherwise, this is NOT the time to go bargain hunting. Sure, the newpapers are full of ads for "Cheap" pets. BUT - you get what you pay for.

Have you ever stopped to think how these people can sell their pets so cheap?

Usually they are cheap because they are not cared for, usually they have not had their shots, have not been dewormed, and are sold before they are ready to be placed.

An example is the shih tzu, shih tzu should not be placed before they are 12 weeks of age  ( you can check if you don't believe me), they are small and are usually not eating well at 8 weeks, but many sell them at 8 weeks with maybe 1 shot and 1 deworming or  none at all. The price is very low for a non fixed female. And these are advertised as GOOD for Breeding! Champion line! Sometimes even as show prospects - by people who do not show. (these people would not know what show quality is if it hit them on the head) Take note the dogs do not look like any shih tzu I have ever seen before.

I have seen photographs of these so called good for breeding shih tzu and MANY do not even look like shih tzu. And champion line? The champions are so far back, its almost disappeared from the pedigree, lOL!

One should always buy from an ethical breeder, one that would be there for you down the line. They are there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you! Once you buy one of their precious babies, you also have their help for the lifetime of the dog and it sometimes extends beyond that.

You will be surprised at how reasonable the pet prices of ethical breeders are. After all they CARE about the puppy and not the money!

Most Backyard breeders only want your money. After you have bought the puppy its GOOD BYE! They will not help you, after  all how can they help when they themselves don't know anything. Most BYB's and Mills do not even know the breed standard of the dogs they are selling.

I do get upset when someone emails me asking for help on their new shih tzu and sends me a photo of a dog that looks not like a shh tzu at all and say ... can you confirm if I bought a shih tzu.... I always tell hem I do not wish to get involved an if they doubt their dog is a shih tzu, they should not have bought from that person in the first place.

I used to answer and help each and every person that owns a shih tzu bought elsewhere but this is just too much. I have my own clients to help, my own dogs to take care of, and my own life to live, you did not think all I did was brush and wash the dogs now did  you? I do have a life outside of dogs and I work to keep them housed and fed. I DO NOT live off my dogs.

So if you want a BEAUTIFUL pet that fits the standard and someone to run to for help if you have any problems, do not buy from a BYB, or a MILL! Only buy from a reputable breeder.

You may pay maybe a few hundred  more for your new pet but at least you will NOT spend a fortune on vet fees.

You may buy a cheap pet from a BYB, Mill, or petshop but you will be spending thousands on vet bills.

Believe me I know,  I get sob stories all the time of people buying sick cheap pups.