Philippine Champion
Sugartowne Born To Ryde, SOM

Bobo, passed away peacefully in his sleep on 1-23-06, he will forever be remembered through his magnificent children and grandchildren..

Bobo, is my first champion and my first Special. he is a wonderfully  balanced boy with a gorgeous head and ink black pigment. Most of his children take after him, they are wonderfully balanced and move like a dream. He is sire to many champions though he is not at public stud and only sires litters within Fantasia Shih tzu. His grandchildren are now hitting the ring and hopefully, they will follow in his footsteps and do us proud.


Ph Gr / Am / Can Ch Symarun's Rodeo Ryder (Canadian Import) Am / Can Ch Symarun's Billy The Kid Am / Can Ch Wenrick's Chassen Rainbows
Can Ch Symarun's Karbon Kopy
Mystic Symarun Hugs N' Dreams Am Ch Symarun's Hugs N' Kisses
Mystic's Street Of Dreams
Nan Su Buttons N Bows At Sunnyside
(USA import)
Am / Can Ch Symarun's Billy The Kid Am / Can Ch Wenrick's Chassen Rainbows
Can Ch Symarun's Karbon Kopy
Am Ch Nan Su Liberty Belle Fantasy Am Ch Rojacky's Red Robin Fantasy
Ambiance Stirfry Shottzee Of Nansus

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BOBO: Bobo, a few weeks after he arrived here!

BOBO is sire of
Fantasia's Wild Is My Heart
R BIS Asian / Mal Gr Ch
Fantasia's Wild Is D Heart

BIS 4 / BISS Ph Ch
Fantasia's Wild N Wonderful
BIG2 Ph Ch Fantasia's Wild Flaming Love
Multi BBPIG Ph Ch
Fantasia's Berry Cherry
UKC Ch Fantasia's Berry Raspberry
BIG2 Mal Ch Fantasia's Truth Or Dare
BIS 2 / BIS 3 Ph Gr Ch
Fantasia's Must Be Domino

BIG / BIG2 Ph Ch Fantasia's Wild Wonder
Ph Ch Fantasia's Queen Of Swords
BBPIS / BIS 2 / BIS 3 Ph CH Fantasia's Whispering Wind
BIS4 / Multi BOB and BIG Ph Ch Fantasia's Made to Order.
BPBIS / BIS 2 / BIS 3 Ph Ch Fantasia's Mirror Image
BEST IN SHOW, BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW Russian Champion Russian Junior Champion Ukranian Champion
Bellorussian Champion Moldovian Champion Fantasia Madam's Fabulous

WOWIE!!!!!!! And to think he is NOT at public stud!

BREEDERS / OWNER: Bobo was bred by:
VJ and Treena Villavicencio

Bobo is owned by:
Cheryll Ann Limso