Water should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Whether from a water bottle or a bowl or both!!!

Puppies can use both bottles and bowls.

Show dogs MUST ONLY use water bottles. Pets can have bottles and bowls.

I prefer water bottles with WIDE spouts, look at the photos! Small spouts should only be used for shipping. As the wider spouts will leak when attached to cab.

FEEDING the shih tzu!

We Feed:

I mostly feed Acana - Pacifica, Lamb and Apple, Adult and Small Puppy
If I feed Orijen I only feed Orijen Adult - and I feed that to puppies too, as the protein is incredibly high.
Remember, I do add fresh cooked food to my kibble.

TIP - if you feed pacifica don't let your dogs lick you after meals unless you want to smell like a can of sardines.

Eagle is a WONDERFUL FOOD and I can buy it at local shop easily so I don't have to keep lots of it. NO LONGER AVAILABLE in the Philippines so I quit feeding it, LOL!

Orijen and Acana must be ordered from Manila so I always have a couple of bags lying around. (there are now Davao suppliers of these foods)

PLEASE see RECIPES page to see what I cook to add to the dry food at 6am and 6pm.


Dog foods in addition to protein, fats and carbohydrates also must contain vitamin and mineral supplements in balanced concentrations. Too much of one mineral may interfere with absorption of another; too little of a mineral may interfere with vitamin use or other mineral use. Major dog food companies make every effort to provide balanced proportions of vitamins and minerals for maximum benefit to the dog.

DO NOT feed EL CHEAPO dog food like Pet One, YUCK! Or grocery brands, like Pedigree, etc! ITS SIMPLY HORRIBLE!

Shih Tzu should be feed two times a day for their whole lives!

If you would like to follow my feeding schedule...

Make dry kibble available 24 hours a day. I like to free feed and just keep on topping the food when it runs out! I only Keep EAGLE PUPPY out 24 hours a day. Now I need to find a new food as eagle is no longer available here. UPDATE: I now feed ACANA Small breed puppy as the dry food I keep available 24/7 to all my dogs.

At 6am get dry kibble mix with ground beef and ground pork recipe that can be found in my recipe article.

At 6 pm mix some kibble with some of the chicken - pressure cooked from the recipe article.

All food is fed warm.

*Puppies below 4 months old are fed 3-4 times a day with wet food, there is always dry food available for them also!

I recomend the FF foods:

EAGLE - no longer available in Philippines.



Some of the oldies are picky about what they eat, especially my old Sunflower AKA Ruby
. She will only eat Ziwipeak - its a GREAT Australian dog food. It costs PHP 1700+ or is it PHP 1800 PER KILO! YES 1 kilo costs more than a 50 kilo sack of rice.

This is ONLY available at Bow Wow Shop, I buy mine at Shangrila Mall branch.

Ruby, will only eat this food, so I buy it for her. The others get this now and then. I cannot afford to feed this exclusively as 1 kilo is obviously not enough to feed all my dogs in 1 day, LOL LOL!


My old ones used to eat only home cooked foods, but I have a book that lists recipes and all that to make sure they eat a balanced diet I follow the recipes. When Muffin, passed away all the old ones went back to good old kibble mixed with cooked human food like chicken, beef, pork, etc.


There are many commercially prepared dog biscuits that make excellent rewards and snacks. There are also preserved packaged meat products, either beef or lamb based, in rolls that can be cut into small bites for treats. You can find these products at most stores that carry dog food. Care should be taken not to overfed these treats so that your dog will not eat its  regular diet.

Vegetables such as raw carrots and broccoli cut up into little bits or APPLES make nice treats, if your dogs will eat it, some WILL NOT! Dwarfie, simply adores apples and chews on them all day. Some of my dogs will not eat apples. Most will eat Strawberries, LOL!

Sliced beef liver, Or pork liver, or chicken liver and a bunch of garlic (puree in food processor) boiled until the liver is cooked through (30 minutes) makes an excellent homemade treat. The resultant liver is quite messy which can be solved by placing on a baking sheet in the oven at 250 degrees and bake, turning once until each side is dried out -- but not dried to the point of the entire piece being hard. SLURP SLURP, this is Maria's FAVE TREAT! It does cause diarrhea if you give too much!

Another fave treat is chicken breasts flavored with a little garlic and salt and then BAKED until dry....

You can also buy FREEZE DRIED BEEF LIVER , LAMB LIVER, CHICKEN LIVER, from www.cherrybrook.com my dogs LOVE it! Its still CHEAPER to make your own liver treats though!



Water Bottles GOOD for home use!

Small Spouts for travel use!

Left shows dog food mixed with some broth and meat, at right is plain DRY dog food, at bottom is Cesar dog food.

You can use, stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic plate. I NOW ONLY use stainless steel!

Supplements you may wish to use. Top small bottle is NOT a supplement but EVICT DS a liquid dewormer.

You might wish to have the above handy to clean up faces, diarrhea, etc! Betadine is good for wounds ON cut downs, not dogs in coat!