Philippine Champion
Fantasia's Wild Flaming Luv
Bred/Loved/Adored/Cherished by: Cheryll Ann Limso
Owned by my friend: Cheryl Ann, NY, USA
YES breeder and owner have same names, LOL LOL!

R BIS / Phil Ch Sugartowne Born To Ryde Phil HOF/Am/Can Ch Symarun's Rodeo Ryder (Canada) Am/Can Ch Symarun's Billy The Kid
Mystic Symarun Hugs N'Dreams
Nan Su Buttons N Bows
Am/Can Ch Symarun's Billy The Kid
Am Ch Nan Su Liberty Belle Fantasy
Sunnyside Wild Allspice Ph Ch Tzuvilla's Fisher Sunnyside (Canada) Can Ch Tzuvilla Bear Facts
Can Ch Tzuvilla Mexican Fiesta Cruise
Phil Ch Symarun's Wild Wild West (canada) Am/Can Ch Symarun's Billy The Kid
Am Ch Nan-Su's Dynamite Fantasy

Flamey: Stacked by me, at home before I sent her out to be finished!

Flame FINISHED with a 5 point major, when in fact she only needed 1 single point.


Flame is from an ALL CHAMPION litter of 3.