These ladies  are either champions of record, part of our breeding program, or are just starting their new show careers. If the word retired appears after the name it means the shih tzu still lives with us but has been spayed and retired from maternal duties.


RETIRED IN FOREVER HOMES - some may have also crossed the bridge.
  • Bridgette - never bred  / spayed and rehomed




      Clicking on a name will show you their PHOTOS, WINS AND TITLES, PEDIGREE and  REGISTERED NAME.


      These ladies were bred by Fantasia Shih Tzu, they no longer live here and are living with their new forever families.

      1. Mal Gr Champion Rhianna
        In Malaysia

      2. Champion Fifi - Cavite
      3. Rus. Champion Camane
        In Russia

      4. Philippine Champion  "Eve"
      5. American / Canadian / Puerto Rican Champion Ronnie
        In Puerto Rico

      6. Champion Desire
        In Manila

      7. Champion Flame
        In NY, USA

      8. Champion Desiree
        In Manila

      9. Champion Glitzy
        In Manila - SOLID GOLD Tzu.

      10. Champion Berry
        In the United States

      11. Champion Tessa
        In Manila

      12. Gr Champion Dara
        In Manila

      13. GR Champion Strawberry
        In Manila

      14. Rus.Champion Big Girl
        In Russia

      15. OTHER GIRLS in USA!
        Other girls we have bred that live in the USA!

      Fantasia's Take Me To D Top, NE, USA!