Grooming Supplies a Shih Tzu needs, be it a show dog, or a pet!

This is my bathing area, note the different products used, different hair types need different products, there is NO 1 product that would work on all types of coats. I now have a new bathing area with 2 sinks, check my kennel page to see it.

These are the different grooming products you need.
Pin Brush - all systems, scalpmaster, christensen, etc make good ones.
I am now loving the MADAN brushes - I sell them on my bow site.
Steel Combs - resco, christensen, etc are good
Pin Tail Comb - for parting hair
Scissors - to cut hair at foot pads
Band Scissors - for cutting latex bands off
Nail Scissors - to cut nails
Slicker Brush - USE ONLY on feet or the triangle shape for armpits.

Eye Drops, Ear Cleaners, ear powder, doggie cologne, styptic powder, teeth cleaning pads, and Peace and Kindness.

This is the cornstarch / boric acid mixture for the face! The one in the sprayer is conditioning spray!

Here are some other products you may find handy to use on your shih tzu!

Here are some human products that work well for shih tzu!

Vellus is a GREAT brand of Shampoo / Conditioner but very expensive!







Types of Dryers I use, pros and cons!

My Edemco, I now actually have 4 Edemco's - 3 like this. Then 1 of the cheapest one which I leave in my grandfathers house so I have something to use when I go to Manila.  Gerard buys my Edemco's for me - h can import dryers for you - contact at

My ChallengairStand Dryer, VERY powerful  BUT NOISY! Luckily I am already a little deaf on my left ear so it does not really cause me untold grief, LOL! I now use it for cage drying/

This is an Oster Cage Dryer, I use it for my cut downs, or if I am feeling lazy, I cage dry the ones in coat for 15 minutes then brush them dry with a stand dryer. I no longer use this one.

This is an Oster Dryer I got OFF ebay for like $15, its great for spot drying or for faces. I actually already threw this away, LOL!

This is my Oster stand dryer, my first stand dryer, its REALLY old! LOL LOL! That is my help and NOT me! So far my Oster dryer is OVER 11 years old and still works - OMG!  It finally died in 2010. 

This is a Hair Maid, with a human dryer attached, its really nice to use if you need hands free drying! I never use this anymore am not sure where I put my hair maid, LOL!

This is called a groomers thirm arm it holds your dryer for hands free drying. I use this when I go to shows or what have you. If you have 1 or 2 shih tzu this is fine.

If you have more time than sense, you can use a small human dryer, LOL LOL! Its fine if you have 1 shih tzu, more than that... if you are still using this, well.... UMMM!!! hahahahahahhaa!