Items you need and how to do it
Things you need: Chin Pillow and cornstarch / boric acid  mix, buy small brush to apply. Bands, Bands scissors, comb, pin tail comb and a GOOD quality pin brush.
Photographed here is everything you need. You may want small scissors and a trimmer for the lips.

Thoroughly brush out the dogs head and face and put the powder on his face and dry it with a dryer, when you are done, he should look like above.

1. Make a part with your pin tail comb. 2. Part one side in half and band it.
3.  Band the hair at the back also 4. At the other side do as #2 and #3
5. The hair should look like this. 6. Take the front of one side and attach to the back.
7. Do on other side too. 8. Your dog should look like this.
9. Now take some hair from face and band. 10. Bands the back part too.
11. Attach front and back, then do the same thing on the other side.

Photo below
is he not adorable?