This is our main dog area. Our dogs live with us INSIDE our house, the lower back portion of our house is the dogs home. They have fans, airconditioning, freezer, refrigerator, TV, and everything else they need.

I do raise my dogs with help, and the dogs always have someone with them
all the time I have a FULL TIME staff of 3 (THREE) people.

When you go down the stairs...
You will see a huge photo given to me, it's a photo pedigree of:

5X BIS /  6x BPBIS HOF Gr Ch Fantasia's Wild Is My Heart
Multi BJIS / R BIS Mal Gr Ch Fantasia's Wild Is D Heart
BISS Ph Ch Fantasia's Wild N Wonderful
Ph Ch Fantasia's Wild Wonder
Ph Ch Fantasia's Wild Flaming Love
When you look to the right you will see the main indoor play area.

This area has 2 aircons
4 ceiling fans and 2 wall fans.
My dogs are NEVER hot, LOL LOL

Pens where the ones in coat sleep in, pens are 5 feet x 2.5 feet, the ones in coat are FREE to play with cut downs are ONLY penned to sleep! I believe in SOUND MINDS and SOUND BODIES. Dogs penned 24/7 have great coats, but if you were a dog, would you want be penned 24/7? THINK ABOUT IT!

I get very attached to my old dogs., and seldom place old ones, and at any given time I have MORE SPAYED / NEUTERED pets in my home than intact show dogs, LOL LOL!  

Plus I do not place puppies until at least almost 4 months old or older.

I added some ne wpics November 2010 - the covered outside play area is now screened, and I added sofa's to the s,leeping and play area..


The glass doors can be closed and YES it has airconditioning too.



OUTSIDE PLAY AREA - covered so they don't get wet when it rains.

NEWEST PIC - now screened

TRAINING AREA - this is where we lead break the pups.

Where we lead break pups if they need only to learn down and back... - this is at back part of house near kennel.

Where we train if we need to teach pups to go around in a circle, etc or we play "dog show" to train the puppies - that's the front of our house...

SPECIAL PETS deserve to sleep on my bed

SEXY BEAR on her pet bed - SHE IS FAT - NOT preggy. Just fat! LOL LOL!

If we are going to a dog show the dogs are put in a 2x3 before going to dog show - they are not mixed in with other dogs who might mess up their coats. the 2x3 pens are in the grooming area and are only used after bathing dogs for a show. After that the pens are dismantled.

THE SHIH TZU CAME FROM CHINA - people say coming to our house is like going to China, LOL! - here is Entrance of our house.

the garden is exclusively for the dogs, people have their own garden.

MORE pics of dogs at doggie garden CLICK HERE

NEWEST DOG GARDEN PICS - yeah we finally cut down the Mango and Avocado Tree


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