SEPT 12, 1994
SEPT 21, 2005

Chase Vom Zsazette

Muffin, is my FIRST and MOST LOVED Shih Tzu.

He is gone now, he now waits for me at the rainbow bridge, I have never loved anyone as much as him, for almost 1/2 of my life he kept my company, he shared my joy and my pain.

He was never a pet to me, I treated him like a human baby. He died in my arms. loved and adored to his last breath.

Here is part of the lyrics of "FALLEN FLOWERS" it shows how I feel regarding his passing...
(PS if anyone has a MIDI or WAV of Fallen Flowers please send me a copy)

SON, If I could roll back the years
If I could see through these tears
If I could face all of my fears, I would
I would give all these things in vain
Just to hold you once again

Remember me Forever
(I'll be here Forever)
Please forget me never
(I'll be here Forever)

If I could roll back the years
If I could see through these tears
If I could face all of my fears
And, if I could live my life again
If I could call the world my friend
If I could write the stories end, I would
I'd live a thousand years of pain



Philippine Champion Chadomon's Guns For Hire (USA) Am Ch Chadomon's Guns N Roses Am Ch Bing's One life To Live
Am Ch Chadomon Sweet Child O' Mine
Am Ch Chadomon Ivana Wynn Am Ch Ultra's Livin Over The Edge
Chadomon Abby Ewing
Pekings Cherry Of Zsazette (USA) Pekings Just Right Am Ch pekings A Sip Of Brandy
Am Ch Pekings Maid To Order Wenshu
Pekings Just My Style Am Ch Anh Wei The Heirogant Snob
Pekings Simply Smashing

I feel like part of me died with him...

BREEDER / OWNER Muffin was bred by: Napoleon V / Elaine Rodriguez

Owned / Loved / Adored By: Cheryll Ann Limso

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Muffin and I: A very old photo of Muffin and me, taken before I left to attend my JS prom.

Muffin was loved by everyone.

When he passed on, Adonis spent 12 hours licking him, trying to get him to "wake up".

And when his body started getting "cold" though I put a  blanket over him him  beside my bed, Rana and Adonis, lay down beside him trying to keep him warm.

Muffins legacy will live on through his children and grandchildren, it does not take away from my pain. He will always be my baby!