Various Recent NEWS
We have established ourselves as one of the leading breeders of shih tzu. Where others excel in the ring with imports, we are winning with our own . We continue to push the boundaries by  developing exciting  breeding programs designed to produce the next STAR!  Our dogs are winning not only locally but overseas as well. Please visit About Us Page to see more achievements.

Juanito Singbenco Jr
for winning from the classes and OVER specials
3X BOB / 3X BIG and
at only 7 months of age.
Fantasia Veronica's Girl "Ronnie"
Has completed BOTH Canadian and Puerto Rican
She now sleeps on the bed.

That's owners daughter sleeping with her.
for the championships and loving Ronnie.

July 18-19, 2009 show

Without my BFF's it's hard to show :)

With my BEST friends...
Gerard - BFF in dogs
handler / groomer extrodinaire!
Sharon - BFF since forever
she braves the shows to take photos for us.

FANTASIA DARK KNIGHT "Bruce" is now a  Champion
BOB / BIG under Mr. Magsaysay
BOB / BIG / Ru BIS under Mr. Mendiola
BOB / BIG / Ru BIS under Mr. Tesoro

THANK YOU Gerard for handling Blossom to her first GROUP 1 win and her grooming and topknot.

Russian Ch, Champion of RKF! I just received word that Multi BOB and Multi BIS placer Fantasia Vestal Virgin has received her Russian Championship, champion of RKF! THANK YOU to owner Elena.

I have received word that Am Ch Fantasia Veronica's Girl, has arrived in Canada and will start her Canadian Ch, soon. THANK YOU to owner Dimari.

AMERICAN CHAMPION Fantasia Veronica's Girl with Handler Diane Ericht. Ronnie is owned by Dimari Isla.

APRIL 24 and 25, 2009 show news

(scroll down for pics)

Thank you to Gerard Catedrilla of Rainwater for coming and supporting me and grooming Miss Blossom.

Thank you to Ruben Tamayo, for fabulous training and handling.

Thank you To Sharon Carla Angeles - my BFF who has always been there since higgh school - she's not even a dog person, LOL!

Both shih tzu are littermates and were born July 20, 2008.

WINNERS BITCH - ALL 4 rings for
Fantasia Depth Of My Desire "Blossom"

Winners Dog, Best Of Winners, BEST OF BREED and BEST IN GROUP - over Specials for BRUCE aka FANTASIA DARK KNIGHT under
Mr. Keven Harris
Mr. Milo Valdez
Mr. Simon Sim

and BIS 3 under Mr Sim and Mr. Valdez.

Sire: Am Ch / R BIS Ph Ch Ultra's Winner Takes It All
Dam: 5x BIS HALL OF FAMER Ph GR Ch Fantasia's Wild IS My Heart

BIS 3 under Mr. VAldez - THANK YOU!  Gerard, Bruce, Me , and Mr. Valdez IN Photo.

BIS 3 under Simon Sim - THANK YOU! Mr Sim, Bruce, Me and Gerard.

BIS Lineup

BLOSSOM - fabulous topknot by Gerard Catedrilla - thanks Becky!

Gerard and Blossom At home.

Bruce and I Waiting for our turn in the ring

Group Ring

Another Group Ring

Waiting for Best Of Winners

Winners dog Competition

Just out of Ring

Bruce and I

WAITING For our turn in the ring....

AND THIS IS THE NEW PET - inside the cage.


We have bred a NEW American Champion.

American Champion Fantasia Veronica's Girl or "Ronnie"

Congratulations to her owner Dimari, of PR.

Photos soon....

Ronnie is out of...
Am Ch / Ph Ch Teddy and Can Ch/ BIS Ph Ch Veronica

Fantasia Dark Knight
is starting his show career this 2009

out of Am Ch / Ph Ch Teddy and Multi BIS HOF Ph Gr Ch Rana

Gerard, Jedi, Sherlyn, Juanito, and Cheryll.

This is Adeline and Grey's first show. Grey is 6 months old.

THANK YOU to Sherleen Felipe and Gerard Catedrilla for topknot help and all.

Grey and his handler Reuben Tamayo

Grey is out of:

Champion Teddy X Nakshidil


Congratulations to
Elena of Russia,  and "Camane"
Fantasia Vestal Virgin, for winning MULTIPLE TIMES at dog shows.

Camane arrived in Russia on August and has been winning an wining and winning...



When I was in the United States my friend Peggy Souza, of Chenille shih tzu picked me up and brought me to Concord, CA for a puppy match.

TAKEN January 1, 2008



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Champion Flame: BIG 2 Ph CH Fantasia's Wild Flaming Love.
Fast Fact: Flame is the FIRST Shih Tzu bred and owned by Fantasia to FINISH under the care of a handler.

Hades: Fantasia Dark Pleasures - HADES
He lives in Russia, with Natalia and has recently started his show career!

Showing: Though we actively show our shih tzu, we are NOT in the ring every weekend.

We do work and so we are usually too busy with our normal lives to be in the show ring each weekend.

Our dogs are usually found in the PCCI and Luzon rings.

Though we are located in Mindanao, seldom can we be seen in the Mindanao show circuit as we prefer the Luzon show rings, where the top dogs are.

YES, it means flying by plane on a Friday evening to Manila and coming home on Monday at the 5am flight.

It also costs a lot of money to be flying all the time with dogs so we do limit the number of times we fly to Manila.

But even with limited showing , we have achieved more than we have dreamed we could in the ring!