OILING your Shih Tzu

I receive a LOT of email from people asking me to "TEACH" them how to oil their shih tzu! So here is a NEW ARTICLE! ENJOY!

By: Cheryll Ann Limso

  • Let me FIRST point out that Oiling is only done on show dogs and NOT pets! Pets will get VERY DIRTY!
  • Oiling is done for convenience and a NON oiled coat is ALWAYS better than a coat that has been in oil. (Hot Oiling a dog occasionally as treatment on a dog not in maintenance oil is a DIFFERENT STORY)
  • A coat that has been in oil for a few months can usually NOT be successfully taken out of oil, in short once you start oiling you have to oil forever or your dog will have TERRIBLE MATTS!
  • If you prefer you can oil 4 days and do not oil 4 days then oil again then no oil, etc . THIS IS USUALLY A BETTER METHOD!
  • Dogs in oil are usually bathed and oil is removed a few hours before a dog show, AFTER the show dog MUST BE IMMEDIATELY bathed and put back in oil! If you are lazy and do it the next day, GOOD LUCK on combing out all the Matts!



  1. SUMMERWINDS Protecta Coat - www.summerwinds.com
  2. Bio Groom Coat Oil - www.cherrybrook.com or Luz Caminade in Cebu locally
  3. Neutrogena Body Oil - any department store
  4. IN A PINCH - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - ONLY WHEN YOU ARE REALLY DESPERATE - I do not really recommend this!
  5. UNICURE Conditioner - www.unicure.com
  6. SUAVE Conditioner - any variant buy at supermarket.

OK to make the oil MIX in a  BIG JUG around 1-2 cups OIL (any oil you prefer to use from the list 1-4) and 1 cup of Conditioner Either Unicure or Suave, Fill jug with warm water, MIX VERY VERY WELL WITH WIRE WHISK!

Bathe dog as normal

AFTER you have rinsed off the Conditioner stand dog in small TUB or a BABY wash Basin, the bottom of tub or washbasin should have like 2 inches of water at bottom.

POUR Contents of jug OVER the dog, making sure the whole dog is SATURATED WITH MIXTURE!

The mixture will fall into bottom of tub or baby basin and mix with the 2 inches of water there, now keep scooping water from bottom of tub or baby basin and pour over dog do this for 5-7 minutes making sure the WHOLE DOG is oiled. (if you miss some parts these "parts" will MATT)

DO NOT RINSE when you are finished!

Take the dog and dry him as usual!

You must bathe dog every 4 days, most people bathe the dogs every week, but I find 4 days to be preferable!

PHOTO OF MY DOG at 10 months of age, IN OIL!  YES - I AM LAZY!