* I always cook in BULK, pour the food into tupperware containers and FREEZE, then everyday  take out what I need, add some water, heat it and mix it to the dog food before I serve it to the dogs.

VERY VEGGIE Mix (evening meal)

6kilos ground beef
6 kilos ground pork
8 cloves garlic minced
1/4c rock salt
cook until no longer pink and then add the following sliced veggies
3 kilos potatoes
3 kilos cabbage
3 kilos squash
3 kilos green beans
2 kilos frozen green peas
enough water for cooking - a few cups.
Cook 1 hour or so - everything should look like this...
(recipe continues after photos)

Meanwhile pressure cook for 2 hours6-8 kilos chicken thighs bones and all with 3 cloves crushed garlic, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1tsp salt , water to cover - or until bones are easily crushed with a spoon.

Thighs already cooked after 2 hours....

COOL Veggie and ground meats mixture and pour into tupperware, once the chicken is cool divide equally into tupperware containers and FREEZE.

This recipe makes enough for 11 days worth of dinner mixes.

CHICKEN MIX (evening meal)
20 kilos whole chicken CHOPPED
1/4 cup  SALT
4 Kilos Chicken Liver
3Kilos Chicken Gizzard
3 whole garlic
2 large pieces ginger root
( If you want you can add Chopped Carrots, Chopped Sweet Potatoes, etc)

PS: You can add like 3-4 kilos sliced pork or some lamb for variety... Or you can finely dice the ginger and garlic so you don't have to fish it out later.

POUR EVERYTHING into a LARGE pressure cooker (I use a restaurant sized one) and pour water to cover. Pressure cook for 3 hours or until chicken bones are MUSHY!
If you do not have a pressure cooker - DO NOT cook the chicken  bones - it might splinter and kill your dog.

Cool the mixture and put in tupperware and FREEZE! (THROW away the garlic and ginger)

When you wish to feed your dog get a tupperware of food out put in a pan put some water and heat on stovetop. Cool Slightly, when just warm mix it with the dry dog food, when the dry dog food is already soft because of the chicken mix, FEED to the dog. This is what the dogs are fed with at night.


Chickens chopped in half then dumped into Pressure Cooker.

Cubed Pork is added for Variety

Finally the Chicken livers

water is added before pressure cooker is sealed.





Many clients, have asked me what it is I ACTUALLY mix with my dogs food in the evenings and mornings. And due to popular demand, here are the recipes.

I do not feed plain dog food, I always mix in meats, veggies etc.

I feed ACANA or ORIJEN at 6pm and 6am mixed with my MIXERS.

Dry food is available 24 hours a day.

THESE RECIPES ARE MY OWN, this is what I actually feed my dogs!

Photo of Large Restaurant Sized Pressure Cooker I use for the chicken!


Raw Ground Beef, YUMMY
Raw Chicken Backs
Raw Chicken Wings
Raw Chicken Necks
Raw Lamb Chops
Yep, its fine to feed the chicken bones, so long as its RAW. Or if its been pressure cooked to mush.

DO NOT feed bones of chicken that has been fried, stewed , steamed, etc!

My Dogs are FREE FED 24 hours a day and have DRY food available 24/7.

The dry food I free feed to BOTH adults and puppies is ACANA small breed - puppy.

The dog food with mix is fed at 6am and 6pm.

Puppies are fed with dog food with mix 4x a day.


Frozen evening addition to Dog food.

Frozen food I add to their breakfast.

To make life easier I always have frozen in ziplock bags Deboned Chicken breasts with 3pcs of liver FROZEN.

If someone is sick, nursing, not eating etc. I take 1 pack dump is pot add water and pinch of salt and a bit of ginger or garlic and feed that.





10 kilos ground Chicken

2 kilos Chicken liver

3 kilos ground chicken gizzard

1 large ginger root

2-3T salt

3 large cans Crushed Tomato.

1T sugar

MIX EVERYTHING in a LARGE POT add a little bit of water and Cook till done.

Then freeze in containers.

Just add water and heat then mix to your dry dog food before serving to the dogs YUMMY!



Stir Fry with minced garlic
10 kilos sliced chicken
5 kilos Pork Tenbderloin
5 kilos Pork Liver

Add 1/4 c. salt
1/2 cup vinegar
2 bottles beer
1 liter coke

Add some water then put in tupperware once cooked and cooled.

You can also use 1 bottle red wine. The dogs LOVE THIS!


PORK MIX (evening meal)

14 kilos Sliced Pork Meat
6 to 8 kilos Halo Halo (just say halo halo to meat vendor at market, it's mix of pork heart, kidney's lungs, etc)
3 kilos Chicken Gizzard
3 Kilos Chicken Liver
3 whole garlic cloves
1/4 to 1/3 cup salt
2 cups white or apple cider vinegar

Put everything in large pressure cooker, add water to cover. Pressure cook for 1 hour. Cool and put into tupperware and freeze.

To feed, get 1 tupperware , empty contents in a pan, add water and heat on stove top, Cool slightly then pour on top of dry kibble, mix and serve.

BEEF AND PORK MIX (morning meal)
4 kilos ground Beef
6 kilos ground Pork
2 kilos chicken liver (sliced)
3 Tablespoon. Salt
2 whole garlic cloves

Put everything in a BIG pot, cover with water and cook till done. Around 1 hour or so. THROW AWAY GARLIC.

Then cool and tupperware it. Feed like the Chicken Mix. This is what I feed during the morning.


I sometimes make other stuff , depending on what I see in the supermarket.

Sometimes I feed my dogs CANNED MACKAREL, YUMMY!

If I am feeling lazy I buy Canned dog food, open a few cans, mix it with warm water, STIR and make a slurry. Pour the slurry over the dry dog food and SERVE!