As a shih tzu breeder one of the most frequent questions I am asked about  at dog shows is "what do you do to keep your dog's face so white?"  

My answer has always been , genetics , diet, care, and of course EZ Groom's Crystal White Shampoo or #1 All Systems PURE WHITE LIGHTENING Shampoo.

*DO NOT Bleach, this makes the staining come back even worse and makes hair brittle thus it breaks. ALSO your dog may go blind if it gets in the eye, or of they ingest it start VOMITING NON STOP!

  • I usually let puppies do what they want and IF they stain, I do not really try to "fix" the staining until they are 4 months old or so. I let puppies be puppies, and staining is quite easy to remove.

  1. Start removing the stain by washing the face 2 x DAILY with NO RINSE shampoo. DRY THOROUGHLY after!

  2. Get some cornstarch (2 cups) mixed with boric acid (1cup) mix and put in a container, or you can use 1 cup cornstarch to 1 cup boric. Now use this mixture on the Facial hair 2 x a day after washing and drying it, then band face. You may wrap if you wish.

  3. EVERY 3 days, bathe the dog! 15 minutes BEFORE bathing, wet the face and put 2 tablespoons of EZ GROOM CRYSTAL WHITE or #1 ALL SYSTEMS WHITE LIGHTENING, work it in the facial hair, taking care not to get in the eyes.

  4. After 15 minutes RINSE RINSE RINSE and start bathing the dog. BEFORE shampooing the dogs body, shampoo the face with BIOGROOM or RING 5 whitening shampoo, those 2 brands are TEARLESS! Or if you are sure you will not get any shampoo into the eyes you can use other whitening shampoo's, its actually a better choice.

  5. ALWAYS Condition after!
  6. After 1 month or so the face will be VERY WHITE!

  7. You can also use #1 All systems whitening gel once in a while!

  8. I always put SATIN CREAM of Vellus. After a bath on dogs faces.







I AM VERY VERY UPSET - I wrote this article on 2004 - 2005 to help people whose shih tzu faces are stained.

Sometimes this article pops up with someone else as author!


Your shih tzu has a stained face like

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