Sunflower AKA Ruby





My baby girl, loved and adored to her last breath! She waited for me to come home from a vacaion before she wnet to the rainbow bridge and I was with her when she took her last breath.

Sunflower has always been the MOST HUMAN of all my shih tzu and I called her my human baby girl. Yes, she wore clothes 24/7.

She always slept on my pillow or the pillow next to mine. I had grown so used to having her around my head area when I sleep that I have not slept well since she passed on to the rainbow bridge.

When I used to go to the office, she would get in the car before I did and went with me every day. Even when she had puppies she would try and leave them just so she could go to the office with me.

Ruby, thought she was human and was better than other people and dogs NO dog was allowed to touch her royal highness, she did not mind the the dogs that slept in the room so much as the peasants that lived in the kennel. And God Forbid any maid tries to touch her royal highness, she bit every maid that tried to touch her.

She can actually tell if you were a guest or the help, if you are a guest she will let you pat her a bit before she huffed and puffed and walked away, if you are the help you are NOT even allowed to touch her toe.

She did not like to eat regular dog food and would only eat Ziwi Peak, or Stella & Chewey's freeze dried dog food, and she went through a phase of eating only Caesar. I had to feed her in the bathroom and she had to eat with me as audience if I just left her with the food she would not eat it so I had to stay in the bathroom with her till she finished. If I am away she will allow 1 help (and only 1 certain help that she tolerated) to feed her in the bathroom and the help also had to stay and wait till she finished eating (take sher like 20 minutes to eat, lol) and as soon as I came home, she would go back to biting the help she tolerated, LOL!

My beautiful Sunflower is dearly missed and still very very loved.

Her ashes are in my room.