Multiple BREED and GROUP Winner (from the classes)
Philippine Champion


Velvet, is a DEAR DEAR BOY! I hand carried him from AZ, to Japan, and on to the Philippines, it was an experience, I would rather NOT repeat! Being overly loyal he had to follow me to the plane bathroom, leave him and he started to SCREAM! LOL LOL LOL! He would not stay in his little bag, but insisted on SITTING on my lap! The purser of the plane told me IT WAS FINE I could take him out from his bag and out from under the seat because he made such a racket, LOL! I thought some of the people in the plane would murder me, as many were giving me dirty looks, LOL!

Upon arriving in our house he RAN SCREAMING for his life when he saw Mr. Lala in our living room. Mr. Lala decided Velvet was fair game and started CHASING HIM, well at that time Mr. Lala had LOTS and LOTS of hair and since Velvet had never seen a peke before....

Velvet has never seen the inside of a cage as he has never been caged in my home, the only cage he has been in is a VARI kennel when we travel to shows.He is a treasure and is a good boy, so long as you do not piss him off. If you piss him off he will PEE and POO on your bed as revenge! If you leave clothes on the floor, that will do also! I hear that some of his children also take revenge that way! Guess it runs in the family!


Katmandu Lyricís Lovejoy Am Ch Lyricís Lionheart Mandarin's Topaz of Pinafore
Lyric's Lil Liza Jane
Loubren Katmandu Nightshade Am Ch Mandarin Purple Rain O Lyric
Katmandu Loubrenís Panda Bear
August Moonís Ms American Pie Am Ch August Moon Stealer Oí The Heart Am Ch August Moonís Aim For The Heart
 Loubren Mistress Of The Dark
August Moonís Anything Goes Am Ch August Moonís Tommy tunes
Miramars Tapestry

Velvet is sire to:
American Champion Fantasia's Dark Moon Rising
American Champion Fantasia's Dark Wild Fires
American Champion Fantasia Splendor Of D Night
BISS Ch Fantasia's Speak Softly Love
BIS Bellorussian Ch Fantasia's Dark Pleasures
Gr Ch Fantasia's Spun Silk N Sugar
Ch Fantasia's Sugar And Spice
Russian Champion Fantasia A Casual Affair

Velvet: This is Velvet as a young puppy!

Velvet is a little pervert and will mate anything and everything, he is my gum gum boy, such a cute and loveable boy! He is a wonderful example of the breed and passes on his wonderful coat, bite, structure, and pigmentation to his get. He is sire to Multiple Champions and many others pointed. Velvet has never been at public stud.

Velvet was bred by:
Helene "Cookie" Nanni of AZ, USA

Velvet is owned / loved / Cherished by: Cheryll Ann Limso