WALDO - dawgy dawg

BIS4 / BISS (from the classes)
Philippine Champion
Fantasia's Wild N Wonderful

My LOVE LOVE PIG BOY!!!! Waldo is my darling little GIANT! He is huge!!! LOL LOL! Like his mommy Maria he is LOVES to eat and eat and eat and eat!

Waldo's most favorite things in the world are FEATHER DUSTER and FOOD!
Waldo loves sitting on my lap while I type. He is IN LOVE with Lacey and follows her around and tries to mate her and YES she is NOT IN Season.

R BEST IN SHOW Ph Ch Sugartowne Born To Ryde, SOM Ph Gr/Am/Can Ch Symarunís Rodeo Ryder (CANADA) Am/Can Ch Symarunís Billy The Kid
Mystic Symarun Hugs N Dreams
Nan Su Buttons N Bows At Sunnyside (USA) Am/Can Ch Symarunís Billy The Kid
Am Ch nanSu Liberty Belle Fantasy
Sunnyside Wild Allspice, DOM Phil Ch Tzuvillaís Fisher Sunnyside(CANADA) Can Ch Tzuvilla Bear facts
Can Ch Tzuvilla Mexican fiesta Cruise
Ph Ch Symarunís Wild Wild West (CANADA) Am/Can Ch Symarunís Billy The Kid
Can Ch Nansuís Dynamite Fantasy

Fast Fact: Waldo's FIRST win, won him a 5 point Major, owner handled! BOB BIG and BIS4 from the classes.

His last win was ANOTHER 5 point major. WD, BOW, BOB, BISS - from the classes and OVER specials including a Multi BIS winner. Owner Handled.

Waldo is sire of:
BEST IN SHOW 3 - from the classes OVER Specials
BOB / Multiple Group placer - Over Specials
Fantasia's TotallyEbonyNIvory
(finished in 1 weekend)

Moldovian Champion
Fantasia Angel Of Music

Russian Junior Champion
Russian Champion
Fantasia Risky Business

Waldo: Dawgy dawg, with no more hair, LOL LOL LOL! Isn't he ADORABLE? He's my DAWG!

Cheryll Ann Limso