When one has weak puppies IT IS IMPORTANT not to give Milk Formula the first 24 hours.

When a puppy is born give it a few drops of PEDIALYTE, on its tongue if you do not know how to tube feed.

Personally, I tube feed or bottle feed ALL newborns with 5ml of Pedialyte - UNFLAVORED!

If pups are not strong and not sucking - like born too early, born by C section, it is important to keep them warm and to give them Pedialyte every few hours.

Once they are 24 hours old you can start to bottle feed or tube feed them with Milk Formula. Commercially available formula usually only has 1calorie per CC. So I prefer to make my own that is 11 calories per CC.

RECIPE is (I feed this every 3-4 hours)

2 egg yolks
10 oz Carnation Evap
3 oz water
1 cup yogurt (PLAIN with live culture, NOT non fat)
1 T mayonnaise

Blend well and Bottle or tube feed!

You will have FAT PUPPIES!

PS - only tube feed if puppy is too weak to suck, bottle feeding is MUCH BETTER and SAFER!








2 boys and 2 girls

The 2 girls

The 2 boys