I DO NOT like dogs to pee on newspapers - YUCK! I also do not like dogs peeing on the floor - it is dirty and they get pee on their hair. Below are photos of what they can use - there are even stuff you can buy locally and CHEAPLY!


1) Imported Dog Wee Wee Pads - These are GREAT and the bottoms are plastic so after the dogs pee on it, the floor does not get wet and you just throw it out. This is especially great for pups as they have been treated to attract dogs to pee on them.

A box of Pads

Used Dog Pad - see the pee? LOL!

2) LOCALLY Purchased HUMAN Pads = buy at grocery! REALLY CHEAP!  Below are pictures of the 2 brands I use.

Just throw away after use.

Pads in packaging

Open Human pad - looks like dog wee wee pad doesn't it?

3) Washable Pad - if you have a separate washing machine for the dogs like I do, you can use this washable pad. Dogs will use it if they are used to it.

Used pad - you can see the pee...

Clean pads the dogs haven't peed on yet.


These pads are cheap only 60-100 pesos each and you just dump it in washing machine and dry then use again. You can use it for like a few months before it falls apart.




if you need any clarifications or want to ask any questions!

This is not to teach you how to housebreak your shih tzu, I am going to assume your dogs are already housebroken. I am simply showing you your options on where you can let your dogs pee if they must pee inside the house.

My dogs will all pee and crap on a wee wee pad inside my bathroom if I am too lazy to take them out in the middle of the night or in the afternoons, but they are equally happy using the garden as a bathroom.