Whelping Room and My Room

EVERYTHING was made with the dogs comfort in mind.

Whelping Room has A/C and has glass doors so we can see what's going on, we open the glass door at times to let bitch out and she can get away from pups.

As you can see she has a large space if she wants to leave her pups, she has wet food, dry food, and lots of water.

Closer look at mommy Dog, excuse the mess, did not have time to clean up before taking pics.

Mommy and babies, she just whelped so there is still discharge going on.


Pee Pads in my dressing area - oh my God they brought fresh meat into the dresser area...

They have more stuff in my room than I do!

Oh wow we are all in Pink!

Since mommy don't wanna nap nap yet, we go Nap Nap first!